Winged Lion of Judah Mezuzah Pendant Necklace Silver 14K gold Shema scroll on Antique Rolo Chain

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This sterling silver rectangular mezuzah (amulet) necklace features intricate and unique design with cutout Stars of David pattern resembling medieval Moorish Spain (Andalusian) architectural elements covering the body of the amulet. A 14k gold Winged Lion of Judah adorns the front of the amulet. Inside, a parchment which contains the prayer "Shema Yisrael "Hear O' Israel". It is believed that when one wears it or keeps it close to them that they are protected and out of harms way. Please note that the parchment included is not kosher.
  • Materials: Silver, 14K gold, Shema scroll
  • The scroll is not kosher.
  • FREE organza drawstring gift pouch.
  • FREE silver polishing cloth.

Style: N2213-2G

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